I actually don’t remember when it was that I decided to start making cheese, but once I started I found that it was impossible to stop. As I continued down the cheesemaking road, I wanted to learn more about what was happening in my cheese vats. As a proper nerd, I went searching for information about the steps involved in coagulation and ripening – only to discover that there wasn’t much out there. Even worse, the materials I did find were suited more to hardcore biochemists and other such scientists than to a general audience. Being a scientist and educator, I decided that just wouldn’t do.

The goal of this site is to not only learn about cheesemaking, but to learn about the scientific principles that drive each step in the process. In time, I hope that visitors will become more aware that chemistry, biology, and physics are an integral part of our everyday lives. I hope that my readers will truly appreciate that science is fun, elegant, amazing – and delicious!

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